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January 2018
reviewed: Rebekka Franck Book 4
Rebekka Franck finds herself in the thick of things, once again, and this one is as disturbing as it gets. The author seemed ...
Seven, Eight ... Gonna stay up late: Rebekka Franck #4 (Volume 4) - Willow Rose
HARDENED HEARTS contains dark fiction stories connected by the theme of love-all kinds of love. This book's strength is in it...
This wasn’t exactly the novel I was hoping it would be. The side stories by the different authors were nothing to scream abou...
My high school physics teacher was a very nice gentleman who clearly loved his subject -- but who equally clearly lived in a ...
I want to recommend this book to anyone who likes novels that are fast-paced. I felt that the characters in this novel were c...
Steeped in 80's nostalgia, I thought this book was a blast! It was never really scary, and I'm not sure that it was meant t...
January 2018
reviewed: Rebekka Franck - Book 2
This second book in the Rebekka Franck series starts with what appears to be a stalking scene that turns deadly. I finished t...
Three, Four ... Better lock your door: Rebekka Franck #2 (Volume 1) - Willow Rose
reviewed: Lie With Me
O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive! - Walter Scott. A great quote that sums up a not so great s...
Lie With Me: the gripping Richard & Judy bestseller - a perfect summer read - Sabine Durrant
What a great story! The story was very creative in using time-travel, balloons, and passengers. As they entered the undergrou...
Et tu, Jojo? I've found books by Moyes to be light escapist romance-ish fiction, always good for lifting my spirits. So ima...
January 2018
reviewed: The Innocent Wife
When I finished The Innocent Wife, I found myself wishing that I could rate it in sections. If that were the case, it would b...
The Innocent Wife: A Novel - Amy Lloyd