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Claimed by a Steele

Claimed by a Steele (Forged of Steele #13) - Brenda Jackson

Claimed By a Steele is a slow burn romance that turned around very quickly. Gannon and Delphine do make a good couple once they get out of their own way, and they're both likable characters. I really liked how this one started and concluded - kind of like it was coming full circle, and of course, there's lots of this great family to round things out. From the parents down to the last of them, the Steele's have certainly made for fun reading, and I kind of hate to see them go. I would've liked a bit more flair for the finale, but Gannon's story is still a solid addition to the series. I know this one is titled Claimed By a Steele, and that's kind of been the theme all the way through, but truly, I think this series is more about the women who claim these alpha males more than the other way round. So, to sum it up, this final book in the series is another curl up on the couch for a couple of hours and escape into a bit of romance story that's sure to please.