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Seduced by a Steele

Seduced by a Steele (Forged of Steele #12) - Brenda Jackson

I don't know how I've missed the Steele's up to now, but they are certainly firmly on my radar now. The story is mostly just a witty, feel-good romance, and the characters are terrific. I will say that I felt like Sloan's parents were a little over-the-top as well as what happened with them toward the end, but that's just a small part of this story, which is primarily a romance. Mercury's arrogance is just enough to give him that sexy, self-assured aura without tipping over into jerkdom, and he and Sloan have great chemistry. The book is a pretty quick read, which is perfect for a weekender, or curling up to while away a rainy afternoon. I definitely enjoyed it, and now that I've met the Steele's, I want more of them.