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Ellery Hathaway #2

No Mercy - Joanna Schaffhausen

No Mercy is the second Ellery Hathaway book, one thing I've learned so far is that Ellery doesn't tiptoe into danger. Nope, she plunges headfirst, and for a woman who has seen her fair share of it, she takes the leap with little regard for her own wellbeing. Oh, and she takes Reed Markham with her whether he wants to go or not. Reed and Ellery have an interesting history and it's not one that would be conducive to romance, but there's an interesting chemistry between them. We only got a glimpse of it in the first book, but this one takes a closer look. In addition to that, Ellery and Reed are investigating a couple of older crimes, one believed to be solved and the other with little to go on. The cases are interesting in their own right, but these characters set this series apart from so many run of the mill mysteries. Both Ellery and Reed are likable. They're complete opposites on so many fronts, but they still manage to mesh even when they both fight it and refuse to admit it to each other as well as themselves. I'll be interested to see where these two go as the series progresses, plus the end of this one opened the door to another solid mystery to solve for this pair. All in all, No Mercy is a good addition to a series that I'll certainly be keeping my eye on.