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Gabriel's Inferno #4

Gabriel's Promise - Sylvain Reynard

I did something with this fourth book in the Gabriel's Inferno series that I haven't done in quite some time. I finished the book, then I sat back and stewed about it for a while. Then I stewed about it some more. I enjoyed the first three books in the series, and while it took me a bit in the first book to warm up to the contrariness that is Gabriel, warm up, I did, and I liked this couple together. Julia has this way of giving in to Gabriel while somehow, still getting her own way, and there is no doubt of his dedication to her. That dedication takes on a new element with Gabriel's Promise. This pair is learning to be parents, and they're both completely devoted to baby Clare. Gabriel, Julia, and Clare are just the sweetest family, and of course, we get lots of extended family as everyone gathers round to welcome the new baby, which means some catching up with favorites from the series. Of course, there's a bit of angst with some secrets between our couple, but if you're familiar with the series, and you really should be before starting this one, then a few disagreements between these two won't be enough to do them in. Instead, we get some danger by way of a mystery character, one who may or may not be from Gabriel or Julia's past. This is where I ran into problems, and it's what brought about my stewing. What it boils down to is that the conclusion for this book is kind of open-ended, and it feels a little unfinished to me. Now, I don't know if there are plans for another book in the series. Honestly, I expected this to be the finale for this couple, but now, I'm not so sure. If there is another book in the works, the unfinished ending along with unanswered questions would make sense because the series has been a continuing story. But, if this is the last book, I feel like the author took the easy way out with the suspense angle here. I really expected so much more, especially after a certain big thing happened. It really had great potential, but it ended up being a little like a secondary storyline just to have the mystery included, and it starts to fizzle after that above mentioned big event. To sum it up, I loved getting to revisit this couple, but I wasn't sold on the suspense, especially with how it was left.