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Heart of Texas Book 4

A Cowboy Like You - Donna Grant

A Cowboy Like You pretty much falls in line with the rest of the Heart of Texas series in terms of my feelings about the book. The story has some things I like and some I don't, landing me somewhere in the middle. The suspense is pretty good, and domestic violence is a serious topic when the main focus is supposed to be a romance. And that's where I started running into problems with this one. Not the domestic violence topic, I'm all for shedding light on a subject that was only whispered about for way too long. However, the romance in this one came up sorely lacking for me. I get that Skylar and Danny already knew each other, but it's not like they saw each other every day either. There should have been some getting to know each other time before they were madly in love. And speaking from experience, Skylar should not have been so willing to trust, especially while everything was still going on. The love story here just didn't ring true. The ending felt a bit rushed also, but when you consider the romance, it fits. In the end, this one was just okay for me.