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Clean Slate Ranch #4

Lucky Break - A.M. Arthur

Lucky Break is part of the Clean Slate Ranch series, and while past characters are in this one, it can stand on its own. That said, this book drove me crazy. The pacing is incredibly slow, like moves as a snail's pace slow for about two-thirds of the way through. In fact, I set this one aside several times and even thought about giving it up more than once. I felt like I was just meandering along waiting for something to happen. I did like Robin's patience with Shawn, and both guys had their own issues to work through, but the many what-ifs began to grow tedious long before anything substantial happened between this pair. Even after they decide to explore their attraction, the doubt continues, and it continues some more. Yes, I completely get that Shawn had plenty of reason to be insecure, but his inner monologue of doubt about the relationship was repetitive and after a while, annoying. But here's the thing - these guys talk about a ton of stuff, they talk about their feelings, about their experience or lack of in Shawn's case, about family, and so on. They talk about everything except the important stuff, and when that stuff is all revealed, none of it is anything that would break them up. In fact, anyone who would leave someone over the things these guys are dealing with wouldn't be worth the time or trouble. So, in the end, I just didn't get it. This one could've easily been cut in half, and we still would've gotten the meat of the story, and the angst level would've been significantly lower. I have no problem with angsty romances, but this felt like angst just for the sake of angst. I read the last book in this series and liked it enough to continue with this one, but I think this may be the end of the Clean Slate Ranch series as far as I'm concerned.