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A Lie for a Lie - Helena Hunting

This author is a hit or miss for me, and A Lie for a Lie falls somewhere in the middle. It's not a bad story at all. In fact, it's a pretty good story except that it goes on a lot longer than I cared for given the very low angst level. There are certainly causes for angst, and Lainey does a fair bit of clinging, crying, etc, but things are resolved much faster than I would've expected given the length of the book. Now, there's nothing at all wrong with a low angst story, but I don't expect them to be quite as slow-paced or drawn out as this one. I just kept waiting for something substantial to happen to warrant the build-up, and then that something does happen but it's like it's all just okay. I'm trying to be vague here so as not to give spoilers, but with what happened in RJ's past, I just expected more when Lainey reveals her secret. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't care for Lainey's clinging and crying, especially the frightened rabbit she was in the beginning, but her past does explain that. In the end, the characters were likable, and the book is well-written - two things I've come to expect from Helena Hunting. As far as the story - I didn't hate it, but I didn't particularly love it either, landing me somewhere in the fair to middlin' range. As I said, this author is a hit or miss for me, so I suppose this one really isn't either of those - or maybe it's a bit of both? Either way, I will check out whatever Hunting does next.