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Ice Hard

Ice Hard (New York Nighthawks #2) - Tracy Goodwin

This couple was great together, and it was easy to get behind this romance. Until it wasn't. The story was maybe a little drawn out in the middle, but that wasn't a dealbreaker for me, especially since I liked the couple. Then things started going downhill. The family drama in the last third or so of the book just didn't feel necessary. Cami had enough issues to work through, and the whole scene with her family felt like drama for the sake of drama. That's the point when the relationship started going downhill. Cami lost something, at least for me. The relationship angst comes from Cami's decisions, and since I'm trying not to give spoilers, I'll just say that her explanation to Nick was probably one of my least favorites in romance. The result was that I spent the rest of the book, which should've been all about the making up and happy ever after, just wishing Nick would walk away. In the end, what started as an engaging romance wound up being just an okay read for me.