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Shacking Up #5

Handle With Care - Helena Hunting

I've enjoyed each book in this series of standalones, but Handle with Care is my absolute favorite. Lincoln and Wren are so much fun! If you look up book boyfriend in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure you'll find Lincoln Moorehead's picture. He's a little grumpy, a lot sexy, and everything that his lech of a brother is not. The brothers are complete opposites, and our heroine, Wren, is charged with handling them both. And handle them, she does. In Wren, Helena Hunting has given us a leading lady who is strong enough to take care of herself while still projecting femininity. She knows how to get the job done and doesn't care to get her hands dirty to accomplish her goals. The story is high on wit and humor and low on angst, making it perfect for a relaxing weekend read provided anyone around doesn't mind the many times you burst out laughing. It's loaded with terrific characters that keep the pages turning. Even the ones you really want to punch in the mouth - Ahem, Armstrong! I love that we see a couple of past favorites from the series, yet the book still stands on its own. All of that makes for a great story, but the best thing about this one is our romantic couple. Even before they seal the deal, Lincoln and Wren are two of best characters I've come across in romantic comedy. Both are likable, they have great chemistry, and they just mesh. Even when they're butting heads over everything from haircuts to tuxedos, these two just work. I don't know if the author has another book planned for this series, but I hope to see our bad boy, Armstrong meet his match. Whatever she does next, Hunting has set the bar high with this one.