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Because You're Mine

Because You're Mine - Rea Frey

I went into Because You're Mine really wanting to like it. The key elements are there, it's dark, and everyone has a secret. It's also way too slow for my liking, and it requires more suspension of disbelief than a story like this should. The only way this one works is if you go in thinking everyone is unreliable, and everyone has something to hide. That, in itself, wouldn't be a bad thing, but the only character I liked was Mason. He's adorably obsessive about his interests, and being a parent of a child on the spectrum, his lack of impulse control and the things he said felt real to me. The problem is the sheer amount of filler surrounding Mason. There are some things I just don't need to know and having page after page give me every detail of those things was more yawn-inducing than interesting. I would've much preferred a shorter story than all that filler. In the end, this story had promise, but it just didn't deliver.