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The Perfect Wife

The Perfect Wife - J.P. Delaney

The Perfect Wife centers around AI without all the science-y stuff. Thankfully, the author gives us the gist of it without getting too technical. The story is told in second person point of view, which isn't a favorite for me, and that combined with an unknown narrator did create some confusion at times. According to the acknowledgments, the author's aim for this book was psychological suspense, and there is a speculative element. For me, it's a little more on the speculative side than I care for, and parts of it stretch the suspension of disbelief quite far. Some of my favorite parts of the book centered around Danny and Abbie's interactions, especially as the parent of an autistic child. Those parts had a ring of truth about them, and most times were incredibly sweet moments between parent and child. The conclusion does have a pretty good twist, and I certainly didn't see all that coming, but some of it was also part of the above mentioned confusion. In the end, I found The Perfect Wife to be a little bit strange but still compelling enough to keep me reading. JP Delaney does have an interesting writing style and I'll be interested to see what's next from this author.