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Making Up

Making Up - Helena Hunting

Making Up uses one of my favorite romance tropes with the Older Man/Younger Woman love story, then it combines that with one of my least favorite plot devices for the required bit of angst. I won't go into details on that so as not to give spoilers, but it just felt unnecessary to me. That said, it was handled a little differently than the norm, so that was a plus. Other than that one drawback, this story is hands down my favorite in this series of standalones. Griffin and Cosy are both terrific characters and they just fit together even when they're butting heads. Cosy is outgoing and fun, and an absolute hoot, and she certainly knows how to keep the sexy Griffin on his toes. Griffin does a bit more groveling than I care for in a male love interest, but he's so darn adorable about it that it's impossible not to love him. The story is witty and fun, and makes for a great weekend read, especially if you're looking for an HEA.