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Lock Every Door

Lock Every Door - Riley Sager

Lock Every Door felt a little like a trip inside a Hitchcock story. It has a haunting atmosphere and a steadily rising tension that kept me turning those pages to see where it would all go. It's a slow burn story, and so many seemingly innocuous things happen that it's easy to slip into a comfortable, easy feeling. Then, we go back to present day and Jules' circumstances snap us back into that feeling of unease, of guessing what led to those circumstances. Now, here's where I tell you that I'm hard to get. I usually see the big reveal coming at least in part. Not this time. Not even an inkling. And I hate to admit it, but there were hints. It's one of those hindsight things. It was all crystal clear once I knew the secret. There were so many way this one could have gone, and I thought I had guessed all of them. Nope, that reveal sneaked right up on me. I love it when that happens! All in all, this one is another great read from Riley Sager. It's atmospheric, filled with creepy characters, and the more you read, the faster you want to read.