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Jackson - Emily March

Jackson is well-written and Emily March certainly knows her stuff when it comes to creating atmosphere and setting up a scene. Everything is described wonderfully and at times, I felt like I was right there seeing it all. That said, I wouldn't exactly call this a romance. It's more like women's fiction with a side of romance. The story was a little slow, but it does have it's moments. There is quite a lot of conversation, and some of it - especially between the cousins - is witty and fun. As far as romance, we know Jackson and Caroline are attracted to each other, but other than a stolen kiss or two, the romance doesn't really start until around seventy percent into the book - and then we have the required angst for the couple to overcome. Being deliberately vague so as not to give spoilers, I wasn't a fan of some of that angst. I felt like it went too far, and had I been in one person's shoes, I don't think I could've been that understanding. Even so, the characters are likable, and while I found the story to be too slow for me, it was certainly worth the read.