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Off the Ice

Off the Ice - Avon Gale, Piper Vaughn

Off the Ice pretty lighthearted for an in the closet romance. There is some angst, but it's overcome much more quickly than I would've expected, and the story focuses on the romance between Tristan and Sebastian as they get to know each other and find their footing in the relationship. Seb comes off as a bit snobbish and a lot judgmental in the beginning, but as things progress, that all plays a part in the story. So, while I wasn't crazy about him at first, he did grow on me, and I ended up liking both characters. They're also really good together with each bringing out better qualities in the other. That said, the story was still just a middle of the road read for me. The romance works, but in terms of tropes, there is really nothing here to set this one apart from a sea of others like it. All in all, Off the Ice is an easy, laid back story that makes for a pleasant feel-good read.