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The Road Leads Back

The Road Leads Back (Stonehill Romance) - Marci Boudreaux

The Road Leads Back is a second chance, secret baby romance that took twenty-eight years to happen. In fact, that's one of my favorite things about this book - these characters are approaching fifty when they get their second chance at love, and contrary to what many think, they're not much better at traversing that path than anyone else. This story is emotional on so many levels with so much past hurt between Kara and Harry and their families, some of which only comes to light in the present. For a lot of the book, this pair seems to take two steps back for every one step forward, which made it an exercise in frustration at times, but life is so often that way, and frustrated or not, I was completely wrapped up in this family. In the end, the romance is sweet and eventually hopeful, but it's more than just another romance. This is a story about how deeply past hurts can run, especially when they're at the hands of those we trust the most, and the long, winding road back to finally letting go and moving on.