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Moonlight & Whiskey

Moonlight & Whiskey - Tricia Lynne

This curvy girl romance has some truly funny moments, but while I usually love sassy, take no nonsense female characters, Avery is just not likable. Strong is one thing, and I appreciate that she could and did stand up for herself, but Avery goes past that and straight to insulting and rude more often than not. I think most of what she said was supposed to be funny, but this one could've done with a bit of the less is more school of thought. I did like Declan, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out why he kept going back for more with Avery. He had plenty of demons to deal with, and it just felt like her attitude was one he could get away from. When you spend that much time just wanting him to walk away it doesn't bode well for any kind of hopes about the romance. On a positive note, you can't read this one without the feeling that the author loves New Orleans. The descriptions of the city are vivid and paint a picture that is easy to visualize. That said, the setting turned out to be the best part of this one for me. As this is a debut, and my biggest issue lay with my feelings about Avery, I will check out future works from this author. She does show talent, and I'll be interested to see how her writing develops with future books.