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Lies: The Gripping Psychological Thriller That Will Take Your Breath Away - T.M. Logan

Lies. They're everywhere, especially in the life of Joe Lynch. Joe is truly one of the good guys. He loves his wife, dotes on his son, is perfectly happy in his teaching position - as far as he's concerned, everything is as it should be. Then one afternoon changes everything and Joe is on the wrong end of a twisted game of cat and mouse.
Poor Joe can't catch a break and every time he thinks he's making some headway, he's hit with something else, and there's no one he can trust. In fact, the story is filled with unreliable characters and no one is beyond suspicion. I did figure out the ending, in part, but I certainly didn't piece together the other part of it. There's also another interesting little tidbit that adds to the edge of your seat conclusion.
The story is fast paced and the twists keep coming for our unwilling hero. There are some things that stretch the believability scale, but this is fiction, so some leeway can be given and it's not completely over the top. All in all, Lies is a solid debut from the author and I'll be interested to see what he comes up with next.