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Cowboy, Cross My Heart

Cowboy, Cross My Heart - Donna Grant

Cowboy, Cross My Heart is the second book in the Heart of Texas series, but it works as a standalone. There are several years between the events in the two books, and we're given plenty of backstory. This one is loaded with sexy cowboys, instant attraction, some suspense, corruption, danger, steam, and romance. All of these combined should've made for a riveting story, but it ended up being just an okay read for me. I liked most of the characters, and I enjoyed Brice and Naomi's romance. There's also some witty dialogue and general silliness among the Harper family. Then, we have our bad guys, and that's where my problems started with this book. The suspense and danger covers some serious subject matter, but the people involved came across feeling more like caricatures. There just wasn't much depth to that part of the story, which was sad because it could've made this one a gripping story. In the end, the story was okay, but I wasn't left with a need to continue with the series.