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Going Rogue

Going Rogue - Chantal Fernando

Every time I think Chantal Fernando has written my favorite book boyfriend, she outdoes herself with another swoon-worthy guy. Rogue is oh, so swoon-worthy and all alpha male, yet still manages to know how to reel Zoe in without pushing too hard. I love the contrast between the family feel of this MC mixed with a bit of darker dealings and danger that the life entails. That darker part isn't the focus and it isn't overdone with the primary focus being on the romance between Rogue and Zoe. They have great chemistry and Zoe fits in well with the other women of the MC. As I've come to expect from this author, we also get some witty dialogue and humor along with some steamy fun and super sweet romance. This one is a great blend of love, loss, danger, tragedy, loyalty, and family. I don't know if there's another book planned for this series, but I would love to see everyone's favorite Prez find his true love. (Not that I'm hinting or anything