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She Was the Quiet One

She Was the Quiet One - Michele Campbell

The blurb for this one promises twists, turns, and dark secrets. It is an interesting story, and there are plenty of dark secrets, but I didn't find much in the way of twists and turns. Instead, most of it was rather predictable, especially the killer's identity in spite of a few decent red herrings. A few things were a stretch on the believability scale, but a lot were necessary for flow and plot so could be easily overlooked. The exception to that came toward the end - first, with the twins' grandmother and her change in personality. I just didn't buy it. The other was the epilogue, and while I can understand wanting to wrap everything up with a neat little bow, it was just over the top. Sadly, it was also the only real twist in the book. As the setting for the story is a boarding school, quite a bit of it revolves around teenage angst, primarily that of Rose and Bel, but that was expected given the storyline. At the end of the day, it did hold my interest, but I was disappointed in the complete predictability of it all.