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Her Pretty Face

Her Pretty Face - Robyn Harding

A killer hiding in plain sight? Kind of, but not exactly. The blurb and even the beginning of the story sets this one up as what could have been a gripping domestic thriller. The glimpses into the past paint a disturbing picture, but the modern day happenings left something to be desired, mostly the suspense that should've been there. There are questions, but it was all way to easy to figure out in spite of the misdirection with certain points of the story. I kept waiting for something to happen in the present day chapters, some unexpected or shocking twist, and maybe that's where this one lost me. It was all just a little too predictable. The story is well-written and I did keep going, looking for that twist, that wow factor. Maybe I've just read too many domestic thrillers lately, but the 'thrill' of this one was lost on me. It felt more like a personal interest story, a where are they now type of thing, than anything else.