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Broken Promise

Broken Promise - Tara Q. Thomas

An almost enemies to lovers romance, a cat and mouse game with The Gentleman, and some twists and turns brings the Sons of Broad series to a close. Lots of secrets are revealed in this final book in the series, and it moves at a faster pace than its predecessors. I did have a problem with a couple of things toward the end that seemed to have information missing, making the conclusion feel a bit rushed for me. Nevertheless, Kipling and Alyssa are, hands down, my favorite couple in this series. I liked the banter between them as they move toward romance, and they make more logical decisions under pressure than the other couples in the series. I also liked than in addition to finally learning The Gentleman's identity, we get the backstory on how it all began and why he's so determined to destroy this family. While each book has focused on a different couple, the main storyline has been a continuing one from the beginning, so I would suggest reading the books in order to get the full story. Despite the couple of issues I had with the ending, this one is, in my opinion, the best in the series.