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Bring Me Back

Bring Me Back: A Novel - B.A. Paris

Bring Me Back hooked me pretty quickly with its dark and creepy opener and part one kept with that tone as the tension builds. Add in our totally unreliable narrator, Finn, and the questions mount up. Is Layla alive? Is someone messing with Finn? What's up with the Russian nesting dolls? The story is more telling than showing, but with an intriguing premise and good start, I was hoping for an edge of your seat thriller. However, when I started reading Part Two, the story started going downhill for me. It didn't take long to figure out where things were going - anyone who has ever watched a soap opera has seen this storyline at least once and it was no more plausible in print than it was on TV. I did keep reading, mostly in hope that I was wrong about where this one would go, and while I didn't have all the details worked out, I did have the gist of it. To sum it up, this one started out as a solid four-star read, but ended at one to two disappointing stars with the overly done conclusion, so I split the difference with an it's okay rating.