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Jar of Hearts

Jar of Hearts - Jennifer Hillier

How long can you get away with a lie? In Geo's case, about fourteen years and then some. Jar of Hearts is psychological thriller at its finest - unreliable characters, secrets revealed bit by dark and twisted bit, and an ever rising tension with knowing that all is not exactly as it seems. It's a rare thing to find a book that even when you expect a particular twist, you still can't stop turning the pages, but I found that here. The storyline isn't anything especially new in the genre, but the writing style is so completely compelling that I wasn't at all disappointed by that. Hillier managed to take the expected and make it refreshing with her complex and intriguing characters. So much so that I found myself waffling on my feelings for certain characters and even those that I knew should be hated still stirred some sympathy from me at times. There are some graphic and disturbing scenes that are certainly not for the faint of heart, but they are necessary for this plot. To sum it up, Jar of Hearts is a wonderfully written bit of twisted that begs the question of nature versus nurture while peeling back the layers of the past as it comes rushing into the present.