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Dirty-Talking Cowboy

Dirty-talking Cowboy - Stacey Kennedy

Sexy cowboy with a great big heart. That's Shep in a nutshell and it's impossible not to fall a little in love with him. This first Kinky Spurs novel introduces the characters of River Rock, Colorado and they are certainly an entertaining bunch. 

Shep and Emma's romance is steamy enough to melt the paint off the walls even when they're both determined that they're not in a relationship. Both have been burned by love before, so neither wants anything serious. Of course, with their chemistry, serious is certainly bound to happen. This pair does see some drama by way of meddlers and an ex, but the biggest problem for Shep is the need to save the family business. Emma has some important choices to make too, but overall, the angst level is pretty low.

The only drawback for me was that almost every intimate scene was pages long and there were a number of them, which became repetitive after a while. That aside, the story and likable characters did hold my interest and I will be checking out whatever comes next for this series.