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I Flipping Love You

I Flipping Love You - Helena Hunting

Fast-paced, crazy sexy, witty, lots of feels, and laugh out loud funny - that's I Flipping Love You in a nutshell. Helena Hunting has a writing style that doesn't just tell you a story, it pulls you in and lets you feel the triumphs and disappointments right along with the characters. Speaking of characters, this one is packed full of interesting, quirky personalities. When even the secondary characters have stand out moments and dialogue that sticks with you, the author has done her job and done it well.

Pierce and Rian have terrific chemistry and the way he handles Rian's sass is absolutely perfect. Their relationship starts as more of an arrangement than anything romantic and grows from there. And their journey to romance is absolutely panty-melting hot.

To sum it up, this third Shacking Up standalone is everything a good RomCom should be. We get lovable characters, scorching heat, hilarity, and some silly all blended wonderfully into a storyline that is not only engaging, but prevalent in today's fixer-upper, do it yourself society.