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Emotionally charged and character driven story

Riven - Roan Parrish

Riven is an emotionally charged, character driven story that grabs hold and doesn't let go even after that last page is turned. Oddly enough, this isn't a book I would normally pick up. I rarely read rocker romances and if it looks angsty, I'll usually shy away. We get enough angst in every day life, right? But, something about the fabulous cover caught my eye. There's just something about it that is almost seductive, and the description hinted at something more than the norm for rocker romances. More is certainly what I found - in spades.

Occasionally, we find characters that are almost defined by their flaws and with some, those flaws are what draw the reader to them. That is case with Theo and Caleb. From struggling with sobriety to finding out that fame and fortune aren't what it's cracked up to be, both have their issues to deal with and often feel completely alone in their respective worlds. However, the way they deal with those issues is part of what makes them so great together, that and finding their solace in the music. 

I particularly liked that neither our lovable guys was hiding on the relationship front. They're both out and proud and that isn't a source of contention as is so often relied on for the big obstacle to overcome in these stories. 

In the end, Riven isn't so much about the glamorous life of rockstar, but what happens after the lights have gone down and the crowds are all gone - the loneliness that longs to be filled by that one person who can make us feel whole. So, while it is emotional and intense, underneath the angst lies hope. It's wonderfully written and passionate. These characters and their love story is one that will stay with you long after you've read that last page.