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Stories within a story

Sorority - Genevieve Sly Crane

Sorority is more a collection of short stories than a full-length novel. The story starts with an introduction of sorts to each girl, or sister, in the the sorority, and from there we get a story from each of them. From the blurb, I expected a bit of suspense surrounding Margot's death and I suppose there is some question about whether or not it's suicide, but primarily, the book covers some part of each young lady's life, either right before, during, or after college. Having never been in a sorority, I would hope that this representation would be the extreme as every one of the sisters has some issue - some worse than others and some evoking more sympathy than others. I do have to say that I didn't find any of the characters particularly likable, which played a large part in the book being a middle of the road read for me. I did keep reading, thinking that maybe there would be some big revelation in the end, but this really isn't one of those books that gives the reader that type of closure. The author is talented and I would check out more of her work, but this one left me straddling the fence, so to speak.