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School for Psychics

School for Psychics - K.C. Archer

School for Psychics is a fast-paced read that is a little bit conspiracy mixed with some mystery and a touch of possible romance. We have a group of misfits with special abilities thrown together at a school designed to help them hone those abilities and make them into crime fighters. All of this should've had me in its clutches from the start. Sadly, the actual story didn't even come close. Our main character, Teddy, is unlikable from the start, then we have the rest of her classmates, who aren't much better. I realize that with a series, there is time to stretch out world and character building, but this group of misfits are almost interchangeable. They're all at this school as a last resort - not because they want to be, but because they don't have any other choices. Instead of making the most of a last chance opportunity, they continue to break the rules and don't seem to learn from their mistakes. I expected young adult, but this bunch of twenty somethings act more like hormone driven high school students. All of this combined to make for a story that just didn't pull me in and make me want to keep reading.