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Brute Force book 1

Collision Point: A Brute Force Novel - Lora Leigh

I spent a good portion of this book feeling like I was missing something, like I was starting a story in the middle. Considering that this the first book in the series, I thought (hoped?) that things would start to come together and backstories would be explained. As it turns out, Collision Point is the first in a spin-off series. Given that information, I don't see any way for a new reader to even come close to figuring out the complexities that led to this one. That aside, I kept reading to see if my interest would be piqued enough to warrant checking out the series that started it all. Sadly, as the story progressed, it became more and more about this couple's sexual appetites than anything else. That second half of the book is more steam than story with Riordan and Amara pawing at each other, often at completely inappropriate times. I appreciate well-written intimacy, and the author is certainly talented when it comes to turning up the heat, but the book quickly became pages and pages of sex with bits of story thrown in during the down-time. While this does show attraction and chemistry, that's lust, not love, and even though they eventually do say the words, the only thing I felt was that Riordan and Amara seemed more like hormonal teenagers than adults supposedly in a dangerous situation. In fact, at one point, Amara is finally remembering details from her abduction - something everyone has been waiting for - but wait, before we can get those answers, they absolutely can't wait another minute before having sex again. We'll get to the answers later. Given the nature of those answers, the whole thing became completely ridiculous at that point. It didn't take me long to start skimming these parts to see where the actual story would go. What I ended up with was a rushed ending stuck between steamy times and a less than satisfactory conclusion. The book closes with a somewhat open ending of a story that's not quite finished, but given my experience with this one, I won't be reading further in the series. Fans of the author and the original series would probably enjoy this one much more than I did, but I can't say that I would recommend it to a new reader.