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The Lying Kind

The Lying Kind: A totally gripping crime thriller (Detective Rachel Prince Book 1) - Alison James

I'm always a bit leery when something like 'a totally gripping crime thriller' is included in the title, but the blurb for this one caught my attention. The crime portion of this story was interesting, if a touch drawn out. There's a lot of running around asking questions, and I have no problem with that as long as it leads somewhere, but at times it felt like our investigators were running in circles. Once things pick up and start falling into place, the pacing is much better. It just felt like it took a little too long to get there. As this is Detective Rachel Prince Book 1, there is considerable time taken to introduce the characters, particularly Rachel and her partner, Brickall. That is where I ran into problems. Not so much with the introductions, but that neither of these characters were especially likable. They are well-suited as partners, considering there doesn't appear to be much of a moral code between them. Rachel is often disdainful of other women and doesn't make the best choices in her personal life. Flawed characters are often some of my favorites, but Rachel doesn't appear to see anything wrong with the way she conducts herself, which doesn't do much to entice a reader to want to know more about her. So, to sum it up, we have a decent mystery with some twists and a conclusion that is a bit dark and twisted, but it's hard to become invested in a series when you don't even like the good guys.