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The Unforgotten

The Unforgotten - Laura Powell

Forbidden romance? May/December romance? I went into this one expecting and hoping for a gripping thriller and mystery to solve. What I found was neither thrilling, nor all that mysterious. The mystery of the 'Cornish Cleaver' is more side story to Betty's romance than anything else. For most of the book, the murders do little more than supply the reason for Mr Gallagher to be in this small village. So, while I didn't find the thriller I was hoping for, I can enjoy a good romance, except this one just wasn't all that good. The characters aren't at all likable, which makes it hard to invest oneself in the story, and the romance was more disturbing and pitiful than anything approaching romance. The back and forth between past and present could have added to the story, but what I found in the present was an aging woman who never got over her first love, She has plenty of regrets, but they apparently didn't bother her enough to do the right thing until she's approaching the end of her life. Sad, yes, compelling reading material, no. I almost DNF'd this one more than once, but out of sheer determination, I did finish. We do get an interesting twist in the end, but by the time I got there, it was just too little, too late to save this one for me.