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Jill Shannon Murder Series Book 2

Vow of Silence (The Jill Shannon Murder Series Book 2) - Chris Patchell, Monica Haynes

Vow of Silence takes place some five years after the events in Deadly Lies. Jill is doing well in her career and is settled down with her husband to be, Conner and her daughter, Lexi. While not exactly likable, Jill is certainly an intriguing character. She's smart, calculating, and has absolutely no compunction about doing whatever it takes to keep her past buried. She also manages to fit herself into any circle with seemingly little effort. Jill Shannon is the perfect example of what we see when a psychopath is finally caught by police and the friends and acquaintances had no idea. I was a bit baffled about the need for so much of the story being devoted to Conner's cartel case, but it does merge with the storyline. Once again, we have not so much a cliffhanger as an open ended conclusion, and I'll be interested to see where Jill's story goes from here. I'm also curious to see if she crosses paths with the determined David Shaw in the future. While this thriller isn't of the heart-racing variety, when you think about the characters and what happens, the idea that one person's machinations can have this kind of impact on so many is definitely chilling.