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Into the Black Nowhere

Into the Black Nowhere: An UNSUB Novel - Meg Gardiner

This thriller opens with a chilling scene that is sure to suck a reader in. From there, it moves quickly to Caitlin and the FBI being called in to hopefully find the missing woman. Knowing a fair amount of Ted Bundy's story, some things in the book were predictable, so the element of surprise was lost. The characters were interesting, but having not read the first book, I was a bit in the dark about some things that were mentioned in this one, and from what I gathered, there were some unresolved issues still hanging in the air from that first book. Regardless, a good cat and mouse chase is always intriguing and I enjoyed this story and it's spine-tingling elements. Without going into details, I will add that the epilogue absolutely threw me for a loop - definitely wasn't expecting that.