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Dark Kings book 12

Heat - Donna Grant

I'm usually all for a good dragon story, so when I received this one from NetGalley, I was anxious to dive in. That excitement quickly turned to confusion as I read when I kept trying to figure out what I was missing with these characters and their story. To be fair, the info on NetGalley didn't mention a series, let alone that it was book twelve in that series! I did keep at it, but with minimal world building and only snippets of info here and there, I was left with more questions than answers. I can only assume that many of my questions were answered in previous books, but after the struggle to get through this one, I don't feel a pressing need to explore this series any further. As far as the characters are concerned, Nikolai is interesting enough, but Esther became rather tedious with her angst and whining. Had I been familiar with the world of the Dragon Kings, this one may have been more enjoyable, but as it stands, it was just too easy to set aside.