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Do Over - 2nd chance romance

Do Over - Serena Bell

I love a good second chance romance and Do Over has all the elements - the not so likable playboy who does redeem himself (finally), the woman who loves him but doesn't trust him, the child they share, and the circumstances to put them together. In spite of that, the result was rather mediocre. Maybe it was the constant denial of compatibility from both characters, the conversations between Jack and his buddies, the lack of real communication, the determination that they were just hooking up, or a combination of all those things, I never felt a romantic connection between Jack and Maddie. Sharing a child without any commitment certainly shows that there is lust between the couple, and maybe even friendship, but it felt more like they were playing house than building anything together. On the whole, the story is well-written, but there's really nothing to set it apart from any other second chance romance, making it a little too predictable. On a positive note, there were a few chuckle worthy moments and young Gabe was absolutely adorable, which did somewhat redeem the book for me.