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The Memory Detective

The Memory Detective: A Novel - T. S. Nichols

Admittedly, this isn't the type of thriller that I would normally pick up, and I was a little worried about the medical side of this tale getting too technical and bogged down in the details. Thankfully, that wasn't the case at all. The author gives just enough of the medical side for the reader to get what's going on and follow the story. The idea of going in for a procedure that gives you a dead person's memories was thoroughly chilling to this reader, especially when The Company's purpose is revealed. The story does drag at times, particularly when memories are being "remembered." While the way remembering worked for the recipient is an important part of the story, I felt that a complete play by play of every memory was a bit much. That aside, the story did keep me turning pages to see what would happen next, right up to the jaw-dropping conclusion. About 95% of the way through, I completely expected a cliffy - either that or the ending would have to be a rush job - but that didn't make it any less shocking when I got there. On the whole, this is a solid debut novel for Nichols and I'll be anxious to see what's next for the Memory Detective.