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Rebekka Franck Book 4

Seven, Eight ... Gonna stay up late: Rebekka Franck #4 (Volume 4) - Willow Rose

Rebekka Franck finds herself in the thick of things, once again, and this one is as disturbing as it gets. The author seemed to be going for shock value this time, but I think she may have gone a little over the top with that. I have to add that I've noticed a tendency to use both first and last names repeatedly. It jumped out at me in the second book in the series, but considering the villain we were dealing with, it kind of made sense. But, that same tendency has jumped out in subsequent books, including this one, and it becomes a bit tedious, especially when it's done over and over within a few paragraphs. I have to say that I've liked our heroine thus far in the series, but a couple of things in this installment were bothersome to me. I won't give spoilers, but toward the end of the story, Rebekka came off as self-centered and having little regard for the feelings of others, including how some of her actions would impact those around her. The conclusion here is a bit open-ended with some unanswered questions, and that story sounds intriguing enough to check out the next book.