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Rebekka Franck - Book 1

One, Two ... He is Coming for you: Rebekka Franck #1 - Willow Rose
From the title, I expected this one to be creepy and I certainly got that. While this first book in the Rebekka Franck series is a murder mystery, it also serves as an introduction to the world of our main character. Rebekka has her own turmoil going on with a crumbling marriage and getting settled back in her home town. Her new job as a reporter for her small town newspaper takes off rather quickly with a gruesome murder and soon, she's on the hunt for a serial killer. Rebekka's personal life made for an interesting side story, although I did feel like the possible new romance was a bit fast.
All-in-all, I found the characters to be interesting and the story was engaging and fast-paced. The glimpses inside the mind of the killer were chilling, to say the least, and even with the clues building up little by little, I didn't see the twist coming. Looking back, I can see that there were things pointing to the identity of person behind it all, but it's a sneaky kind of thing that keeps a reader guessing.
This first book is a solid introduction to the series and I'm sufficiently interested to check out the next book in Rebekka Franck's story.
**It should be noted that, like most avid readers, I checked out the reviews for this one before reading it. While I noted a number of critical reviews citing poor editing and possible translation issues, I noticed that most of those were from quite some time ago. I read the updated, edited version and found none of that.