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This Paper World - Jeff Lane

After reading two other books from this author, I fully expected a suck you in story with this first book The Champion Saga and I certainly wasn't disappointed. This action/adventure tale is classic good vs evil with all the fight for your life scenes that one would expect from such a story. We have a bit of a reluctant hero in Jim as he struggles with the choice of being the fun-loving college student and moving forward with what he thought would be his future or accepting everything that fate has in store for him. Jeff Lane has done a spectacular job of painting a picture of the Champion's world and the character development is quite good. This reader couldn't help but get caught up in Jim's story, especially with such wonderfully descriptive, edge of your seat action scenes. The only drawback for me was the number of grammatical errors in this one. They didn't keep me from enjoying the story, but they were enough that I noticed. The story is still a well-thought out and hard to put down tale that left me anxious to read what's next in the saga.