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Blood Visions - Urban Fantasy

Blood Visions - V. L. Hamlin

I love Urban Fantasy and the blurb for this one had me excited to check it out. It has such a promising premise and the idea is a good one - a private detective who specializes in the paranormal, a psychic with visions of a missing girl, and a big bad that is kidnapping women. Paranormal, mystery, and a steamy romance, a combination that should certainly grab my attention. Except, it didn't. The premise is sound, but the problem is that I never became invested in the characters or the story. The writing is a bit stilted and while I appreciate details to give me a mental picture of everything going on, too many nonessential details that don't lend anything to the actual story quickly become a distraction. That includes the number of times that a character's name is in a scene. If they are the only person in the scene, using their name over and over becomes an irritation and starts to feel like they're thinking about themselves in the third person. The biggest issue for this reader is that there's way more telling than showing. From the search for the missing women and the baddie that is taking them to the steamy scenes between Ronan and Dustin, I was never drawn in or invested enough to feel much, one way or another, about the outcome. Even the conclusion, which should've been a heart-racing scene, just didn't have that oooph that it should have. It was more like I was being told about what was happening rather than being drawn into the excitement of the scene. I did manage to finish the book, hoping that things would improve as the story progressed, but try as I might, I was never able to connect with the characters or the story and sadly, this isn't one that I can recommend.