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Unique and imaginative

The Three Scrooges - Jeff Lane
I can't even begin to count the many different variations of Scrooge that I've read, seen, and heard over the years, but I do remember that most of those are basically the same story - Don't mess with a classic, right? With that in mind, I started this one with some hesitation. That hesitation didn't make past the first chapter and I was so drawn in that I read it in one sitting. What I found was a unique and imaginative take on the classic Dickens tale. The style is wonderfully reminiscent of the classic, fantastically blended with an original plot. We still get the visits from our lesson teaching ghosts, but they have a different goal for Ebenezer, or should I say, Ebenezers since we have three. Three very different versions of one man have made a mess of things and it's up to them to fix it. I won't go into the details of each Scrooge in this compelling read - you have to read it to fully appreciate all three as they travel through time to find the event that created them.
With The Three Scrooges, Jeff Lane has given me a new tradition to add to my list each holiday season. I highly recommend this beautifully written tale to anyone who loves the classic and to those looking for something a little different in a holiday read.