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Invisible by Sariah Skye

Invisible (The Curse of Avalon Book 1) - Sariah Skye

You can't go wrong with unusual magical gifts, mystery, and a bit of Arthurian lore, albeit a different take on said lore. This first book in the series does a good job of introducing The Curse of Avalon world and its great characters. While I liked Ava's snark and wit, it did take a while for her to grow on me as a heroine. She was just a bit too weak and self-deprecating for my tastes. I did like our male leads with their interesting back stories and determination to protect Ava at all cost. I was a bit surprised at the relatively low steam level in this one, especially for a reverse harem tale, not to mention the type of supernatural beings these people are. Not that its a bad thing - the story doesn't need to rely on steamy times. However, there is a considerable amount of admiration, especially from our heroine, and the number of times that things almost got racy did become a bit tedious. That aside, the premise of the series is good and there were a couple of seriously intriguing twists in this one, so I'll be interested to see where it goes from here.