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The House on Foster Hill - mystery

The House on Foster Hill - Jaime Jo Wright

The House on Foster Hill had the makings and potential to be a suck you in mystery that keeps a reader turning pages with its creepy, abandoned house and a present day puzzle that can only be solved by uncovering the secrets of the past.

The story jumps back and forth between Kaine in present day and Ivy in the early 1900s. Both had suffered loss, causing them to question their faith, but while Ivy showed little fear and a strong determination to find justice, Kaine's constant fear and desire to run became a bit tedious. We also have the mystery of whether or not Kaine's husband was murdered, but that part of the story seems to be more filler than anything related to the goings on surrounding Foster Hill house. 

The story starts off well enough with a murdered young woman and a few chilling incidents at the abandoned house, but then the tale slows down and begins to drag - more so in the modern day chapters than those surrounding Ivy, but drag nonetheless. The story does pick up in intensity toward the end, but I found the conclusion to be a bit disappointing. In the end, I found very little in the way of romance and a bit too much going on with the modern day story to keep the reader's focus. Ivy's story was much more interesting than anything going on with Kaine, and I reached a point that I felt like skimming Kaine's chapters just to get back to Ivy's harrowing situation.  Overall, the book's slow pace just made it way too easy to set aside for later and the story line a bit too jumbled to compel to me keep turning the pages. 

The author does show promise and this tale did have potential. With a bit more focus and less wandering, it could've been more than just an okay read.