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Off Duty - a Shots on Goal standalone

Off Duty (Shots On Goal Standalone Book 6) - Kristen Hope Mazzola

Another fantastic read from Kristen Hope Mazzola! This author has a talent for packing a lot of story into a novella length read - a good thing because I couldn't put this one down. Off Duty is fast-paced and a perfect combination of friends, family, romance, suspense, and action. There are time jumps in the story, which can be tricky, but they are done quite well and I didn't feel like I missed anything. Those time jumps along with all the great characters did pique my curiosity and completely suck me in, so I'll certainly be checking out the rest of Shots on Goal books! As I've come to expect from this author, the story is well-written and entertaining, packing a big punch into a fun, quick read.