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Dark and suspenseful

Cold Hall: A Bad Boy Romance - Lucy Wild

While Cold Hall is steamy, I can't say that I found much romance in this one, at least not until late in the story. What I did find was a dark tale loaded with suspense and full of twists - A story of family, betrayal, and greed. Some elements do require a bit of suspension of belief, but this is fiction and all-in-all, it just worked. Melissa has a naiveté about her that is almost frustrating as she goes from one precarious situation after another, and then you have Dawson, Alfred, and Melissa's Uncle, either of which may be what they appear or maybe not. It all comes together to make for an exciting and gritty tale that will keep the reader guessing. We do get a bit of romance late in the story, but this certainly isn't your typical, sunshine and roses love story, and of course, with my love of the dark and twisted, it was right up this reader's alley.