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All In Trilogy: Book Bundle + Bonus Content - Liz Meldon

I read the books in this trilogy separately, so I had to wait (not so patiently) for each one. Even though the cliffys in the first two books were more open-ended than earth-shattering, they did give that tapping your foot, waiting feeling, so this bundle is perfect for those who avoid a series until they're all released.

Going into this trilogy, I had several preconceived notions about what I would find. I can happily say that Liz Meldon blew all of those notions completely out of the water. The story line is refreshing and a totally different take on what we think of when we hear the words 'sugar daddy,' and while it sounds like a love triangle, it so isn't.

Each of the characters are charming and endearing in their own right. Cole is serious and doesn't do well with change and expressing his feelings, Finn is larger than life and full of surprises, and Skye is somewhere in the middle as she tests the waters of career life and decides what she wants in a relationship.

I won't go into details of the story so I don't give too many spoilers, but this bundle is one that I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a romance that is high on feels and fun and low on angst. The whole story is witty and original, and off the charts, scorching hot!