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Fix Me - Lisa M Cronkhite

While Fix Me is well-written and the author has a story-telling style that draws a reader in, I must admit to finding this one a bit perplexing. The story follows Pen Wryter as she deals with her sister's suicide while also struggling with drug abuse. There is also the added element of Pen's visions that may or may not be paranormal. There is some mystery involved with one classmate missing when another disappears and some interesting twists on that angle, but it seemed that the main focus of the story is the drug use by Pen and her friends. Instead of trying to solve the mystery, I found myself trying to decide how much of this tale was a drug addled teenager's ramblings and how much was real. By the time I turned the last page, I was left unsure about the actual focus of this one and while the author does write a compelling story, it ended up being just okay for me.